SPF Analyzer tool

Note: This tool is still in development please send me any feedback if you have issues or additions you would like to see.

The following tool will analyze you SPF record against the official RFC 7208. Even though there are already some good SPF scanners on the internet this tools is created to really scan for the content of the RFC. Most tools you find don`t incorporate all the aspects of the RFC or they are build by commercial companies trying to market their product and sell you a service.

This tool is completely free and is build for the community. The tool stores historical query`s for comparison. If you save your query ID you can later recall it using the ID as query domain or select any date from the historical query picker.

The tool supports the following mechanisms and modifiers:

  • IP4
  • IP6
  • A
  • MX
  • Include
  • All
  • PTR
  • Redirect
  • Explanation

For a list of all issues that will be scanned using this tool see the issues explanation, remediation and official RFC text page at:

The following table shows a overview of all domains scanned by this tool and can provide the community with inside as to the use of SPF in the field.

The SPF scan tool