Microsoft Exchange

The following set of Scripts are available for Exchange support:

  • Connect-ExchangeService (Download – Explanation on this site )
    • This Function will give you a standard and robust way to manage exchange and write scripts to manage exchange from PowerShell. The function has support to connect to multiple exchange sessions , domains or forests at the same time making management in multi forest environments easy. ( released 25-01-2017 version 1.0
  • Commandlet extension agents for admin audit logs to Power BI (Download – Explanation on this site )
    • These commandlet extensions make it possible to send your admin audit logs in real-time to Power BI. ( released 26-09-2017 version 1.0)
  • DMARC report tool (Download – Explanation on this site)
    • This tool is a end to end solution for generating nice HTML report out of DMARC generated emails.