Protecting your Brand Name with DMARC full implementation guide , best practices and common mistakes

Today i am releasing a DMARC implementation guide that covers full implementation flow , best practices and common mistakes of a DMARC implementation.

The Implementation guide also shows a new attacks abusing EAI (Link to post) to bypass DMARC and how to combat this. This guide will take email security for your domain to a higher level where it becomes Brand name security. Current day email security is a threat but Brand name security is a bigger threat often forgotten.

Most documentation out on the net will focus on implementing just one thing or marketing the security of it without looking at the bigger picture and functional processes. If you fall into this trap you will be spending use amounts of money on DMARC projects while you are still vulnerable to attacks abusing, stealing data, harvest credentials or just damage your brand name.

You can find the guide in the TechNet:

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