SMTP Security Suite: New SPF Analyzer Tool

Do you recognize that a lot of times when you search for tools on the internet they are either paid, don`t tell you the entire story, or are hosted by companies trying to market their product and sell you a service.  Due to all these issues I started to build new tools to serve the community.

I present the first tool from the Suite that is released. It will Scan any SPF record against the original SPF RFC 7208. After Analysis it will report on all aspects of the RFC and internet compatibility. The results will link to a explanation site explaining in plain words, offer remediation and link to the official RFC text.

This tool is completely free and is build for the community. The tool stores historical query`s for comparison. If you save your query ID you can later recall it using the ID as query domain or select any date from the historical query picker.

The tool supports the following mechanisms and modifiers:

  • IP4
  • IP6
  • A
  • MX
  • Include
  • All
  • PTR 
  • Redirect
  • Explanation

If you need to view your enitre record including any mechanism expansion you can checkbox the  “View detailed SPF record information:” at the end of the report.

For a list of all issues that will be scanned using this tool see the issues explanation, remediation and official RFC text page at:

Finally you can view a report on the analyzer page about all domain scans and how all domains analyzed use SPF records so you can compare your record with the rest of the community.

If you encounter any error or find any issue with the tool please contact me  ( ) or leave a comment.

I am exited take me to the tool:

SPF tool only:

SMTP Full Suite(With more tools in development):

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