PS Script update: Get-Ldapobject function updated

I am releasing version 1.2 of the powershell code function “Get-ldapobject” in a series of script updates that I will be releasing over the next few weeks.

You can find the script in the TechNet gallery or under the script section of this site.

The full explanation of this function can be found on the release page here:

Version Changes:

Date: Version: Changed By Info:
12-12-2016 V1.0 Martijn van Geffen Initial Script
06-01-2017 V1.1 Martijn van Geffen Released on Technet
26-02-2018 V1.2 Martijn van Geffen Set the default search OU to the forest root to better support multi domain and multi forest topology`s

What is fixed / enhanced in this new version:

When working with forests with lot`s of child domains I found that the result was not all ways as expected due to the default search scoop was all ways your local domain.  The code is now updated to do a search within the scope of the forest root. This mean that when searching for a user on email address  and targeting a Global catalog all users within the forest will now be returned. This method of querying works very well together with the function “Get-dc -isgc” because it will locate a up and running GC without knowing the forest name. You can find the “Get-Dc” function in the TechNet gallery or under the script section of this site.

This is demonstrated below:


Martijn ( Scriptkiddie ) van Geffen


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