SPF Analyzer tool

Note: This tool is still in development please send me any feedback if you have issues or additions you would like to see. The number of checks will be updated and added as the tool is being developed. Query`s done in the tool will be saved into our database for analysis.

The following tool will analyze you SPF record for the best practices and known issues. The tool stores historical query`s for comparison. If you save your query ID you can later recall it using the ID as query domain.

Experimental engine to build flattend records based on current record. (Only IPv4 atm)

The tool supports the following mechanisms and modifiers:

  • IP4
  • IP6
  • A
  • MX
  • Include
  • All
  • Redirect
  • Exp


Next to the support of these mechanisms it will check for the following issues:

  1. Record validity
  2. Number of DNS lookups must not surpass 10
  3. PTR record must have corresponding A record
  4. Use of valid IPv4 addresses
  5. Use of valid IPv6 addresses
  6. Additional whitespace in the record
  7. Validating state of the all mechanism
  8. validating EXP modifier
  9. Validating the use of O365 include throughout includes
  10. Flatting MX and A records throughout includes
  11. Validating total SPF query size vs DNS limit
  12. Track SPF status through a DMARC project