SMTP TLS Analyzer Tool

Note: This tool is still in development please send me any feedback if you have issues or additions you would like to see. Analysis module will be added in the near future for now its report only

The following tool has been developed to scan for TLS vulnerability`s. Currently the tool supports the following scans.

  • TLS downgrade attack
  • Hearth Bleed TLS 1.0
  • Hearth Bleed TLS 1.1
  • Hearth Bleed TLS 1.2
  • TLS renegotiation support
  • TLS compression support
  • Preferred cipher suite
  • Supported cipher suites
  • Used TLS certificate

This security suite is community focused and will run all scans at once. Results are saved for historical comparison by ID or from historical

Note: TLS scanning might be aborted if some kind of DDOS or throttling is in place as it will create lot of connections to test all combinations.